Group Structure


 Paul Lorigan, Manchester




 Mario Mandala, Perugia


 Ghanem Ghanem, Brussels


Alexander van Akkooi, Amsterdam

The MG has eight committees concerned with the management of cutaneous and ocular melanoma, the development of new immunotherapy strategies, and basic sciences committees carrying out epidemiological, genetics, immunobiological and pathological studies on melanoma. Key is the extensive phase III trial program regarding treatments in virtually all stages of melanoma. This is supplemented with pathology studies focusing on molecular defects associated with melanoma progression and identification of new potential therapeutical targets, genetics studies focusing on constitutional factors associated with melanoma prognosis, and large epidemiological investigations, focusing on the relation of various aspects of UV irradiation and melanoma risk. The committee structure is adapted to the sharply increased activities of the group as follows:

Chair Adjuvant therapy Committee

Alexander M. Eggermont, Paris

Chair Epidemiology Committee

Sara Gandini, Milan

Chair Translational Research Committee

Dirk Schadendorf, Essen
Léon van Kempen, Groningen

Chair Early staging Committee

Susana Puig, Barcelona

Chair Ocular melanoma Committee

Paul Nathan, Northwood

Chair Pathology Committee

Daniela Massi, Florence

Chair Stage IV melanoma Committee

Paul Lorigan, Manchester
Mario Mandala, Perugia
Ulrich Keilholz, Berlin

Chair Surgery Committee

Alessandro Testori, Milan

Early Career Investigators' Network representatives

Sara Valpione, Manchester
Francesca Bosisio, Leuven

Patient Representative Violeta Astratinei, Stichting Melanoom NL